martes, 21 de octubre de 2014

Do your fish breathe properly?

As fans know that fish breathe underwater through gills. The gills are organs located behind the eyes of the fish and, by osmosis draw oxygen from the aqueous medium feeding on. 

Factors such as temperature, oxygen level, overcrowding and Ph levels that make gills behave differently. 

When the water temperature increases gill act accordingly expand the surface area as respiration or oxygen uptake is lower. The higher the water temperature will be less oxygens therein. 
We can link to the above, when oxygen levels in the water are high or good fish breathing is slow and minor. Conversely when oxygen levels are lower breaths fish is rougher and more continuous. Ojo, an excess of oxygen can kill fish by poisoning as a sharp reduction of oxygen can kill fish by suffocation. 
Ph levels when the pH is too high respiratory rate will decrease fish to avoid poisoning. When the pH level is too low, the fish increases your breathing rate trying to compensate for the drop in pH levels.

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