lunes, 20 de octubre de 2014

Are Happy Fish in our aquariums?

Today I present my ideas on whether fish is good to have between crystals. These thoughts around in my head a few weeks ago and I do not know if I feel guilty about having them locked up and if I really think about them. 

Since my childhood I love animals and I was lucky to have an aquarium of about 64 liters to be learning as my abilities grew. I had cold water fish of all kinds. I made all the mistakes that could and then did the same with tropical fish. 
I grew this hobby and set the book aside. Until about two years ago it. They gave me a tiger oscar and that was reborn my love for aquatics. 
Now I have an aquarium of 100 liters with cold water fish. I look deeper into the water and try to learn everything I can so that my fish have the best quality of life. 
As I stated before, two weeks ago I want to leave the hobby. I think the fish and do not know if they are happy: 

1 First, I think they have no life they could have in their natural environment. Especially the type of situations. Such as escaping a predator, the move without limit, choose your partner ... all those things that happens a fish in their habitat and that after all they do fish. 

2.Me stop to think just the opposite. My fish are at a 5 star hotel. Always clean with its substrates, decorations, plants, its little cascade ... and never lack food, not hungry, do not have to procure food or escape predators. 

After 3 point two I reassure me and think of playing. Reasoned that if the fish are to be played is that they feel well and agusto. With what I think you should not feel confined. 

  I conclude that it must feel good but I still have something there inside me that tells me I would not have to be in my aquarium. They have the means, I think I am not one to assess and direct the fate of an animal. If I knew they were the will in my aquarium I would pass all these ideas, and it seems that their average is destroyed to build them a suitable one and that we like better, for it seems very selfish. You guys that think?

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